Southern Liturgicals

About Southern Liturgicals

Established in 1992 and specializing in Catholic based items, we take great pride in working with seminarians to select their perfect ordination chalices. Working with artisans and companies from around the world, we can help you find what you need for furnishing a large church or simply a home altar. We also cater to families and friends of the seminarians and current clergy to provide advice on appropriate Catholic gift selections within any budget.

Our Beginning

The company Southern Liturgicals was formed in 1992 by Dr. Richard Duplantis in Louisiana. It started out making the traditional style Roman vestments and Gothic vestments, then later expanded to selling metalware, chalices, ciboria, monstrances, tabernacles, candlesticks and statuary.

Dr. Richard DuplantisOne of Southern Liturgicals’s early customers beginning in 1995 was Mother Angelica at EWTN. Dr. Richard Duplantis has served the church as the US representative of the Diocese of Boac, Marinduque in the Philippines for 15 years. There he worked at orchestrating the Mission appeals in the United States through the program The Propagation of the Faith.

He also worked for Archbishop Lawrence Khai of the Diocese of Thare, Thailand for a period of 15 years. Dr. Duplantis orchestrated the Mission appeals for both of these third world countries. He made arrangements with the various United States dioceses to make appeals to the various parish churches they reached out to each year. The funds were used, by the two dioceses he served, to educate their seminarians and to repair and build new churches to serve their people.

With the assistance of the Knights of Columbus, and the generosity of many parishes and parishioners, over 27 crates were shipped to Thailand and many more to the Philippines over the years. The crates contained chalices, ciboria, vestments, linens, and other miscellaneous metalware and religious articles. In the 1990’s Dr. Duplantis was a member of the Knights of Columbus and became a Fourth Degree Knight of Columbus.

After taking a break to focus on furthering his education, Dr. Duplantis turned his focus again back to supporting the clergy and the Catholic Faith by opening a store in Lafayette, Louisiana as an extension of his medical clinic suite in the United States.

Southern Liturgicals offers religious items to customers in many cities, including Boston, New York City, Pittsburgh PA, Chicago IL, Philadelphia PA, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Las Vegas NV, Minneapolis MN, Milwaukee WI, Phoenix AZ, San Francisco CA, New Orleans LA, Houston TX, Galviston TX, San Antonio TX, St. Louis MO, Cleveland OH, Houston TX, Denver CO, Dallas TX, New Orleans LA and beyond!