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Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002
  • Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002
  • Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002
  • Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002
  • Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002
  • Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002
  • Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002

Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002

Price: $4,495.00
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Gothic Chalice by Molina - Item RD-002

Chalice & 6 1/4” scale paten With Ring and JHS engraving. Clean Gothic design with a cross on base. This chalice the RD-002 has a Red enamel Cross on the base of the chalice. 

9 3/4” Ht. – 4” Cup - 13 Oz.

Base metal is high-quality brass with 24K Gold Plating throughout with the exception of the cup which is Sterling Silver, with gold plating. 

All sterling silver is also available, but the price listed is an estimate and may fluctuate slightly as pricing varies depending on the precious metals market.

Contact us for a quote prior to placing your order. Made by Molina in Spain. Shipping fees will cover all shipping and international duty/import fees. Please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery. Contact us prior to ordering if needed for a specific date. Customization such as engraving, silver plating, and custom chalice case is available upon request.

Made in Europe. A one-time shipping fee of $150 will be added to your order. This is all-inclusive to cover shipping/handling/and import fees to our Lafayette, Louisiana location. From there you may pick up your item at our shop or we will ship it to you in the United States at no additional charge.

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1 5 out of 5 stars by Fr. Jeff on October 18th 2023

Gothic Chalice and Engraved Ring Paten - Item RD-002

Length of ownership: 1 month-1 year

Pros: Rick was very helpful in the special design of this chalice for our school. Everything turned out beautiful--the chalice, the engraving on the underside of the base, and the red cross in enamel on the base. Stunning work of art that will serve our community for many years to come. Exceeded all expectations.

Cons: Through no fault of Southern Liturgicals the chalice was delayed. Just be aware of the European tradition of taking off the month of August.

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