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Cotton Red Cross Altar Linens- Pack of 3
  • Cotton Red Cross Altar Linens- Pack of 3
  • Cotton Red Cross Altar Linens- Pack of 3
  • Cotton Red Cross Altar Linens- Pack of 3

Cotton Red Cross Altar Linens- Pack of 3

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100% Pure Cotton in a linen weave and very absorbent. Hem stitched and a delicate Embroidered Greek cross in Red. This fabric gets softer and more absorbent with each wash. The texture of the fabric protects the Sacred Vessels and cleans it without streaks, machine washable. This is one of the best fabrics for the modern church. All linens are sold in three to a pack (3 per pack) price is per pack.

Pall, Corporal, Lavabo Towel, and Purificator.

Pall is 7 x 7 inches (Plain Edges)

Corporal is 20 x 20 inches 

Purificator is 20 x 11 inches (cross is centered in the middle of the purificator)

Lavabo Towel is 20 by 16 inches

Each piece is 100% Cotton and contains the embroidered 1 inch red cross with white trim. 

Matching amice is also available and sold individually.

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